Types Of Caps Commonly Used In Plastic Medicine Bottles

Plastic medical caps are an important part of the use of plastic medicine bottles. Most of the caps are in direct contact with the drug and play an important role in the gas barrier, moisture prevention, and pollution prevention. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the escape of the drug in the bottle; on the other hand, it is necessary to prevent any foreign matter from entering the bottle.

The integrated caps are made mainly of plastic materials and are integrated into a multi-functional cap with many product categories. There are several types of integrated caps: the integrated anti-theft logo cover, which is also called the anti-theft cover; the anti-movement logo, which is also called the anti-motion ring or the safety ring. It is based on the common threaded cover, adding a circle of skirt around the bottom of the cover, and connecting with multiple points. When twisting the bottle cap, the corrugated teeth are fastened to the hoop on the lower end of the bottle mouth.

When the bottle is reversed, the skirt lock ring is detached. When opening a bottle of drug, firstly check if the lid lock ring is intact. It can be judged whether the plastic bottle has been opened and whether the drug has been tampered with or stolen. The torque force that opens the cover to allow the skirt to fall off smoothly should be mild and modest. An integrated moisture-proof cover is a form of packaging that integrates the moisture-proof agent into the bottle cap to reduce the intrusion of moisture during use. Currently, the moisture-proof bottle is widely used.

In order to prevent the medicine such as a capsule from being damaged by shaking, the cushion body is integrated into a package form on the base of the bottle cap. The integrated opening assist cover is a form of packaging that increases the opening assist mechanism. The integrated trademark. The trademark is integrated into the bottle cap and the integrated dosing cap is an integrated, quantitative, and integrated sealing system.

The integrated system is integrated so that the bottle itself cannot be reused after a single use. Most of the medicinal plastic safety caps are made of PE and PP. The most common one is the ordinary screw cap, which is sealed by the thread in the cap to match the thread of the bottle neck.