A Brief Discussion on the Safety of the PET Plastic Bottle

With the development of PET materials, the plastic bottle industry is also developing rapidly. In the United States, demand for the plastic bottle continues to grow: The plastic bottle and plastic can account for about 75 percent of all plastic containers. The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS, Washington, D.C.) expects that demand for plastics will continue to grow in the beverage, food, water, household, pharmaceutical, automotive chemicals, and liquid products industries, according to the observation about the top plastics packaging market, called "Plastics Today: Innovation Accomplishes Consumers".

At present, there are many doubts about the safety of PET plastic bottles in the market. Some people think that PET plastic bottles contain plasticizers, which will release harmful substances and bring us health threats. However, it should be noted that a high proportion of PET plastic bottles are used in the market, whether in food, drinks or cosmetics industries.

The PET plastic bottle is widely used and actually very safe, which cannot be realized without its own advantages.

1. PET plastic bottles are light in weight and made of transparent and durable materials.

2. The price of PET plastic bottles is cheap. Compared with the glass and ceramic packaging, the price of PET plastic bottles is much lower, which is obviously very attractive for food and cosmetics manufacturers who need lots of bottles.

3. PET plastic bottles have a high recycling rate, which is much higher than other plastic bottles. It is beneficial to the environment. There's still a lot of skepticism in the market, but it's actually from people who use bottles incorrectly. First of all, the PET plastic bottles cannot be used repeatedly. Some people will wash away waste food and drink in the PET plastic bottles, and then use them repeatedly for a long time, which will definitely affect the safety of the PET plastic bottles. Secondly, the high temperature resistance range of the PET plastic bottles is relatively limited. If they are placed in a car or beside a stove in a high temperature environment, the safety and stability of the PET plastic bottles will be damaged. Finally, some illegal businesses may process the PET plastic bottles with secondary recycled materials, which will also affect the safety of materials.