China will become the world's largest plastic tablet bottles market

According to the statistics of experts on the development of the existing medical field, the application of plastic packaging in the medical industry has occupied most of the market.With the continuous improvement of plastic materials, pharmaceutical machinery and safety standards, there will be a lot of development space for plastic packaging in medicine in the future.

At present, the pharmaceutical packaging industry has accounted for 10% of the total value of packaging in China, and the pharmaceutical packaging market is still developing continuously, which is the internal driving force for the entire pharmacy vials supplier. For the pharmaceutical bottle market, in recent years, the market share of plastic medicine bottle is increasing. Due to some defects in the packaging of honey, the market share of traditional glass medicine bottles is rapidly compressed. The number of manufacturers engaged in producing glass medicine bottles is now far less than that of plastic tablet bottles manufacturers.

It is expected that in the next few years, the pharmaceutical packaging market around the world will become the second pillar of the economic growth of the plastic bottle packaging industry and become the fastest developing pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry in China. In about five years, China will become the world's largest drug plastic bottle market.

Knowing the above development opportunities, a group of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises in south China, represented by the pharmaceutical machinery network of south China, have intensified their research. In addition to the in-depth development of plastic environmental protection and drug packaging safety, we also hope to create a new breakthrough in the form of packaging.

Plastic bottles are an important form of packaging in many fields.Drinks, food, cosmetics, medicines, daily necessities and chemicals can all be stored in plastic bottles. Our company supplies many sizes such as 100ml, 15ml, and 30ml empty plastic bottles. In the past eight years, disposable PET plastic bottles have occupied a considerable market share, and the quality of plastic bottles is improving. The growing importance of plastic containers is not just in the beverage market, but also in the food, cosmetics and medicine industries.The development of new filling techniques and heat-resistant PET bottles opens up new possibilities and options. Like we are paying attention to cough syrup bottles wholesale. PET bottles are popular in the packaging of beverages, cosmetics and toiletries, while detergents are packaged mainly in PE plastic bottles. PE is also widely used in milk bottles.

With a growing population, rising living standards and western consumption patterns, demand for plastic bottles will grow in some eastern European countries. In eastern Europe, per capita consumption of bottled drinks is still much lower than in Western Europe, which means the potential for future growth is high and demand for plastic bottles will increase accordingly.