Brief Discussion On The Shape And Technology Of Plastic Medicine Bottle

The plastic medicine bottles should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful appearance to attract the user's eye and ensure that the consumer can have numerous choices and usability in use. The most common shapes for plastic medicine bottles are round, square, oval, and so on. From the point of view of use, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Round plastic bottles have a high stiffness but are not aesthetically pleasing. The square plastic bottle has a beautiful appearance, but it is not easy to control the uniform thickness of the plastic bottle during molding.

Plastic medicine bottles should be well controlled and designed in production, produced according to certain production and processing techniques, and have good performance and functions, which can fully display the important value in the industry. Wholesale medicine bottles with very competitive factory price.

1) When designing extruded plastic medical bottles, if the material is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross-section of the plastic bottle should be rectangular or elliptical. For low-density polyethylene or other flexible plastic bottles, the cross section is preferably a circle. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the plastic bottle. The plastic parts used in conjunction with the plastic bottle mouth are mainly covers and sealers. The design of the plastic bottle mouth should be focused on considering how to make the plastic bottle mouth better fit the plastic bottle with the cover and the sealer, which is the weak part of the mechanical properties of the plastic bottle. Therefore, the bottom of the plastic medical bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corners of the plastic bottle and the concave portion are excessively curved. In order to facilitate the stacking of plastic bottles, the stacking stability of the plastic bottles is increased, and the bottom of the plastic bottles should be designed with inner grooves.

2) When the surface of the plastic medical bottle is marked, the surface of the label should be flat. A "sash" can be designed on the surface of the plastic bottle to make the label accurately positioned without moving. At the time of blow molding, the portion where the parison inflates first contacts always tends to be hardened first. Therefore, the wall thickness of this part is also larger. The edge and the corner portion are the portions where the parison inflates the last contact, and the wall thickness of the portion is small. Therefore, the edges and horns of the plastic bottle should be designed to be rounded.

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