Material and Type of Plastic Spray Bottles

1. Introduction of plastic spray bottles

Material: PET material; PP material

Capacity: 5ml-500ml

Slogan: Fine spray and different categories

This series of plastic spray bottles are basically made of PET and PP materials. The material is environmentally friendly and hygienic, in line with international standards, and will not produce any white pollution. They are odorless and non-toxic, and can ensure the health of users. We have bulk plastic spray bottles with various shapes, round cylinder, cuboid and can-shaped recycled plastic spray bottles.

2. The design of plastic spray bottles

Of course, the wholesale plastic spray bottles provided by XINRUN also have different types of designs, from cylindrical nozzles to pistol nozzles. Pistol nozzles are also divided into smaller mouse guns and larger trigger guns. These plastic spray bottles are equipped with safety clips to prevent accidental squeezing. Some plastic spray bottle nozzles are also equipped with anodized aluminum fittings to enhance the robustness of the spray bottle. The most prominent feature of this series of spray bottles is that the nozzle adopts advanced production technology to make the spray fine, the mist particles are extremely fine, the spray is even, and the use is convenient.

In addition, each plastic spray bottle has been treated to increase the suction pipe, thereby promoting smooth liquid discharge and reducing the possibility of clogging. The empty plastic spray bottles of this series are extremely versatile and can be used in cosmetics industry products such as lotions, hydrosols and plant waters. It can also be used in the beauty and hairdressing industry and the gardening industry. Some plastic bottles can also enter the medical market as advanced pharmaceutical packaging. Choosing this series of empty plastic spray bottles, we can provide you with various customized services, including specifications and colors. XINRUN provides 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml spray bottles, and provides more capacity to meet different needs. In addition, we can also provide frosting, silk screen and other services to increase the graininess of the bottle surface and create a unique non-slip bottle. Providing a bottle with hot stamping and silver design is also a big advantage of our series of plastic spray containers. We guarantee to manufacture high-end and exquisite plastic bottles for you.