Plastic Spray Bottles Vary In Application Fields Due To Different Materials

Plastic is a common material for daily life, and now it has been widely used in daily life. In our daily life, plastic spray bottles are the most common. Plastic spray bottles are indispensable for drinking water and kitchen supplies. Plastic spray bottles have been widely seen.

We all know that plastics are also made of various materials: PET, HDPE, PVC, PE, PP, PS, PC and other materials. Therefore, plastic spray bottles are also inseparable from these materials. The performance characteristics of each material are the same, and the place where plastic spray bottles work is also different. PET plastic spray bottle is also known as PET bottle. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees, it is easy to deform and the harmful substances melt. And PET bottles cannot be exposed to the sun and filled with alcohol, oil and other substances. Such PET bottles are commonly found in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. the HDPE high density polyethylene plastic spray bottle is a material which is harmful to human health, so it cannot be used for food. It can only be used in white plastic bottle, cleaning products, bathing products, etc. PVC polyvinyl chloride spray bottle can also be called PVC bottle, which is prone to produce harmful substances at high temperature, and is difficult to clean and easy to have the residues, and not suitable for recycling. It is mainly used in building materials market, such as various plastic vases; PE polyethylene plastic spray bottles, under the action of high temperature, will also produce toxic substances, even cause breast cancer, congenital defects of newborns and other diseases, so it is mainly used for various fresh-keeping, such as fresh-keeping bottles; PP polypropylene plastic spray bottles is the only plastic spray bottles that can be heated in microwave ovens. Therefore, it can withstand high temperature and is widely used in our life, such us the common soymilk bottles, yogurt bottles, etc. PS polystyrene plastic spray bottle is a healthy plastic material, but avoid high temperature contacting reaction. Therefore, it can hold various kinds of food at the common temperature, such as the cosmetic bottles, sub-bottles and so on. PC plastic spray bottle is also one of the commonly used plastic materials, but also belongs to a healthy material. Widely used in our daily life, but it also avoids contacting with high temperature, common mineral water bottles, and milk bottles and so on.

The application fields of plastic spray bottles of different materials are different, mainly depending on the characteristics of their essential materials. All kinds of plastic materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the same thing is that they are easy to react and deform under the action of high temperature. So when we use various plastic spray bottles, we also need to recognize its material.