100ml Shampoo Bottles

Product Name: 100ml Shampoo Bottles

Material: PET Materials

Capacity: 100ml 350ml 450ml 650ml

Slogan: Unique style, easy to press and adorn your life.

Unique style, easy to press and adorn your life

Introduction of Decorative Shampoo Containers

The main material of this shampoo bottle is PET material, which is green, odorless and non-toxic, and it can guarantee the health of human. The standard capacity is 100ml. It is mainly used for the dispensing of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions, etc. It can be placed in the bathroom, dressing table, or even in the kitchen as a detergent bottle.

If you need it, we can also provide more specifications, such as 350ml, 450ml and 650ml, to meet your needs. This decorative shampoo containers are thickened, durable, non-breaking. So it is long lasting and trustworthy. The bottle is a flat cuboid which is square, but the edges are round, with a sense of cuteness in the seriousness so that it is exquisite and high-grade. The bottleneck is spiral, which can ensure the tightness of the shampoo bottle, avoiding the internal emulsion liquid from coming into contact with the air and collecting bacteria.

The pump head is a tip-pressing type that is small and cute, and can be rotated for easy use. The spring inside the pump head is made by the most advanced technology, which makes sure the pressure is easy and effortless. At the same time, the spring is made of sufficient material and is not easily deformed to guarantee the normal use of the pump head.

Colors of Decorative Shampoo Containers

The bottle is available in four colors, including brown, milky white, sky blue, and pink, all of which are translucent, allowing you to see the nature of the liquid and the remaining volume of the liquid in the bottle at a glance so that the user can distinguish the liquid and add more liquid in it in time. We can promise that the production of this shampoo bottle is in line with international standards, and we never cut corners, and the quality is strictly guaranteed. You can buy it with peace.
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