125ml Plastic Medicines Bottles

Product Name: 125ml Plastic Medicines Bottles
Material: The bottle body is made of PET materials; the cap is made of PP materials
Capacity: 125ml
Slogan: Food grade raw materials are healthy and safe.
Food grade raw materials are healthy and safe.

Introduction to Medicine Vials Plastic Bottles:

This kind of plastic medicine bottle is used to separate liquid products such as cough syrup, oral liquid and various medical potions. It is a special medical medicine bottle. Because this kind of oral liquid medicine plastic bottle to direct contact with drugs, and it is not by the cleaning and sterilization treatment for drug packaging, therefore, the oral liquid of medicinal plastic bottles on the number of microorganisms, species, and so on and so forth have higher requirements,

Materials of Empty Medicine Bottles for Sale:

The plastic bottle uses the food grade raw material, makes the oral liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottles of material quality and safety,It can effectively avoid the erosion of products by microorganisms; The cover of this plastic medicine bottle is pp material, and its design is for anti-theft screw cap. Its body is made of PET material, which guarantees the firmness and durability of this plastic medicine bottle.

The plastic medicine bottle made of PET material is also not easy to damage, so consumers can rest assured to use it when using drugs. In addition, this oral liquid plastic medical plastic bottle has a nice shape and a smooth wall. The bottle comes in a 125ml size, which is enough to fill most of the bottles. At the same time, this plastic medicine bottle has two colors of white and brown.

Colors of Liquid Medication Bottles:

Customers can choose the appropriate color according to different aesthetic demands. White plastic bottles are opaque body, brown is not transparent bottle, plastic bottle opaque body can have certain effect prevent bask in, avoid light, as a result, in the need to save the drug can choose this oral liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, because it has very good protection effect to the drug, it can also extend the storage time of the drug, at the same time, the effects of the drugs.
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