15g 30g Cream Bottles With Double-deck PS Materials

Product Name: 15g 30g Cream Bottle With Double-deck PS Materials

Material: The cap and pad are made of PP materials; the body of bottle is made of Double-deck PS Materials.
Capacity: 15g 30g
Slogan:Bright and smooth, beautiful and clean
Bright and smooth, beautiful and clean

Plastic Containers For Beauty Products

The cream bottle is available in two sizes, 15g and 30g. Its small capacity can meet different practical needs. The cream bottle is made by injection molding, which combines hot silver and hot stamping technology. The first-class technology in the productive process ensures the quality of the products. The cap is made of PP materials, and the body of the bottle is made of double-layer PS materials which are high-quality. Their white thickened shell makes the product as moist as jade, green and environmentally friendly, and the overall appearance is elegant, beautiful and clean.

The design of the bottle cap is ingenious and it has a bright silver edge, which can be said to be the finishing touch of the whole product. The brilliant silver edge shines, highlighting low-key and high-end. At the same time, the manufacture of the cap uses the electroplating technology so as to make the texture silky like the jade, which greatly improves the user's comfortable feeling. The spiral design of the bottleneck effectively isolates the water vapor and bacteria in the air, ensuring the quality of the product. The bottle has a built-in PP pad to prevent the product from leakage phenomenon caused by inversion or bumpiness of transportation, fundamentally maintaining the cleanliness of the paste. In addition, the PP pull pad is beneficial to isolate the air, protect the goods, and ensure the quality of the goods.

Cream Bottle Design for Cosmetic Jars and Containers

This cream bottle is made in a dust-free workshop, the production environment is clean and tidy, and we have strict compliance with regulations to ensure product hygiene. According to the needs of different customers, we can provide a variety of customized services, including specifications, colors, LOGO customization and so on. If you further provide the outer packaging design of the product, we can also meet your needs. For cream products, this cream bottle is indeed the best choice.
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