20g Cream Bottles With Electroplate Surface

Product Name: 20g Cream Bottle With Electroplate Surface
Material: Electroplate Surface PP materials
Capacity: 20g
Slogan:Matte green for a fresh look
Matte green for a fresh look

What is the Material of Plastic Cream Bottles

This empty cream bottles is made of PP material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, ensuring the health of the user. The product has a small size and practical functions: the bottle itself is flat and equipped with a PP pad to ensure the integrity of the product; 20g capacity not only satisfies its practical functions, but also makes the overall appearance beautiful small and exquisite. The surface of the product is made by electroplating technology so that the details of the bottle are particularly striking.

Advantages of Plastic Cream Bottles

In addition, the surface of the plating is silky, giving the user a comfortable touch. The surface of the product is matte green, revealing the fine texture of silver, which makes it more upscale and unobtrusive. The center position of the bottle cap can be printed LOGO, highlighting the main body of the brand, and making an artistic embellishment for this excellent production. The inside of the bottle is smooth and as white as snow, showing its cleanliness and purity. At the same time, the product has a good sealing, spiral cap design, effectively keeping the air and water vapor out of the plastic cream containers, and maintaining the dryness of the content inside the bottle.

In addition, the production of this empty cream bottles is made by high-end machines, and the product specifications are accurate and uniform, ensuring that there are no defective products. The bottle is exquisite and compact, beautiful and practical, and it is suitable for the characteristics of the plastic cream bottles. It is the biggest advantage of this cream bottle. This plastic cream bottle is beautiful, practical and comfortable and it is undoubtedly a good small item for daily use at home. Although the bottle is small, it can be filled with a suitable paste. So, it can be not only used for daily but also used for travel.
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