30ml Oral Spray Bottles With Sloping Shoulder

Product Name: 30ml Oral Spray Bottles With Round Shoulder
Material: PET Materials;PP Materials
Capacity: 30ml
Slogan: Give you a fresh breath with a gentle spray
Give you a fresh breath with a gentle spray

Introduction of Oral Spray Bottle:

The body of this oral spray bottle is made of PET material, and the nozzle is made of PP material. The material is high-end and fine, leading the international manufacturing industry. PP material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and will not cause any harm to the human body. This oral spray bottle spray bottle is mainly used for oral care liquids, such as mouthwash, oral freshener, etc., to help clean the mouth, fresh breath, and sterilization.

The oral spray bottle has a long cylindrical shape with a round shoulder design. The appearance is simple and elegant, fresh and natural, giving a visually pleasing feeling. The bottle is thickened and polished for a smooth and comfortable handle feel. The design of the nozzle is exquisite, and the structure of the built-in spring is reasonable. The liquid can be ejected with a single push. The cylindrical nozzle meets the curvature of the human finger and is easy to press.

Advantages of Oral Spray Bottle:

The spray is fine and the amount of liquid is moderate, which is very convenient for the user. The bottleneck adopts a spiral design, and the outer cover is added outside the nozzle to ensure the airtightness of the oral spray bottle and prevent the internal liquid from deteriorating. This oral spray bottle is available in three colors: blue, green, and brown. The cap and nozzle are black or white, and the cover is transparent. The look is fresh and cute. You can choose as needed.

The bottle is light and long, does not occupy extra space, and is easy to carry. The customer can even put it in a small bag and take it out when needed to remove the breath and make it fresh. If you need, we can also provide customization of specifications, colors, printing, bronzing, hot silver and other related services to make you as satisfied as possible!
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