30ml Plastic Spray Bottles

Product Name: 30ml Plastic Spray Bottle

Material: PET Materials; PP materials

Capacity: 30ml

Slogan:Magical colors give you high-grade experience

Magical colors give you high-grade experience

Introduction of 30ml Plastic Spray Bottles

This plastic spray bottle is cylindrical in shape and has a round shoulder design with a cylindrical pump head and a transparent cover. This is one of the most widely used bottle shapes in daily life. It can be used in the fields of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as a package for formal wear or trial wear.

Materials of 30ml Plastic Spray Bottles

This plastic spray bottle is mainly made of PET and PP materials. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. It has been treated with special techniques.  And it is extremely chemically stable and does not easily react with the internal liquid, so it can store a variety of different drugs. The nozzle can be selected from ordinary plastic nozzles or nozzles made of the electrochemical aluminum.

Ordinary plastic nozzles are economical and can basically meet daily needs. The electrochemical aluminum material is excellent, which can optimize the use of the nozzle, make the pressing feel more comfortable, and extend the life of the nozzle. Compared to other plastic spray bottles, this plastic spray bottle is characterized by its unique color. There are three colors to choose from, namely, brown, green, and blue.

Colors of 30ml Plastic Spray Bottles

Each color has a high transparency, so the color is very clear, and at the same time, it has a little magical feeling, making this plastic spray bottle look high-grade, exquisite and elegant. If you want to better match the color of your product theme, we can also provide you with more color references for your convenience.

Custom Service of 30ml Plastic Spray Bottles

If you feel that the bottle is too monotonous, we can also provide special customized services according to your needs, such as silk screen, frosting, LOGO printing and so on. This plastic spray bottle has been widely used in various cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, and has been well received. Please feel free to choose this product!
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