Plastic Lotion Bottles

Plastic Lotion Bottles

Product Name: Plastic Lotion Bottles

Material: PET materials

Capacity: 5ml-500ml

SloganPlastic Lotion Bottles for sale in a variety of forms and materials to care for your skin

Empty Lotion Bottles Wholesale

This series of plastic lotion bottles are mainly used for packaging and dispensing lotion, body lotion and other skin care products. Our wholesale lotion containers and empty lotion jars can also be used for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other toiletries or washing products. And it also can package detergents, hand sanitizers, etc. XINRUN is one of the plastic bottles factory, we supplies decorative shampoo containers, body wash bottles, decorative plastic pump bottles and other kinds of empty lotion containers.  This range of platic lotion bottles are available in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical bottles, thin waist bottles, square bottles and oval bottles.

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Buy Empty Lotion Bottles in Bulk

XINRUN stocks a wide array of empty plastic bottles for lotion with shapes, colors, and materials. You can choose from them. The design of the empty lotion bottle mouth is also rich and colorful, including the cap shape, the clamshell type, the thousand-autumn cover type and the pump head type. Among them, the pump head types are divided into a beak type pump head, a cylindrical pressing type pump head, a tip pressing type pump head and a disposable snap type pump head. Some of the clear lotion bottles has inner or outer cover and cover in cover design.

Materials of Empty Lotion Bottle

The empty lotion bottle body is mostly made of PET material, and the material of the bottle cap is available in various categories, including AS material, MS material, PET material, PP material and electrochemical aluminum material. The plastic lotion bottles of different inclinations are equipped with caps of different materials to improve the quality as much as possible. The bottle has a round shoulder design or a flat shoulder design to enhance the value of the clear lotion bottles and cater to the preferences of different customers.

Features of Clear Lotion Bottles

The common features of this series of clear lotion bottles are: good air tightness, thickened bottle body, strong and resistant to fall off, and accurate liquid output. At the same time, we provide a variety of customized services for this series of plastic bottles, including colors, specifications, tangential, hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen, frosting and other customized services to ensure that you are satisfied.

Body Lotion Bottle Wholesale Manufacturer

XINRUN is a plastic lotion bottles supplier offers custom service with personalized choices of color, logo, prints, shapes and sizes. And the capacity of empty body cream containers varies from 5ml to 500ml. We are one of most plastic lotion bottle manufacturers specialized in plastic lotion bottles wholesale. Contact us for bulk empty lotion bottles!