Plastic Medicines Bottles

Plastic Medicines Bottles
Product Name: Plastic Medicines Bottles
Material: PET materials
Capacity: 25ml-125ml
Slogan: Clean and beautiful, environmentally friendly and durable

Empty Plastic Medicine Bottles For Sale

These series of plastic liquid medicine bottles are generally made of PET materials, some of which are made of PP materials or silicone materials. The materials are of high quality, fine density, strong and resistant to falling, and not easy to break. The materials are green, Non-toxic and tasteless, which can protect the health of users. Details

Plastic Medicine Bottles Wholesale

Moreover, the series of plastic medicine bottles have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, which can avoid the damage caused by the corrosiveness of the medicines to the greatest extent. The series of plastic medicine bottles also maintain the airtightness by adding a cover and a spiral bottleneck to prevent the internal liquid from chemically reacting due to contact with the air.

Custom Medicine Bottle Design

The range of plastic bottles is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from dropper bottles to anti-theft caps. And the specifications of the bottle range from 25ml to 125ml to meet your different needs. The series of plastic medicine bottles are simple, high-grade, clean and hygienic, making users feel at ease. Some plastic medicine bottles have scales for your convenience.

Chinese Medicine Bottle Manufacturer

As one of the medicine bottle manufacturers, we offer customized services for some plastic bottles, and you can choose different colors according to your needs. In addition, we also provide more high-end customized services: silk screen, engraving, hot stamping, hot silver, etc. If you want buy empty medicine bottles and have already designed patterns, we can also print them for you. This series of empty medicine bottles are produced in the dust-free workshop. We adopt high standards and strict requirements for the production environment to ensure the high quality of the products. At the same time, the use of full-machine production, is to ensure the uniformity of quality and specifications, and the use of strict sampling inspection methods ensures that the products delivered to you have no defective one. Choosing this series of plastic bottles in stock will give you peace of mind!