The Future Development Direction Of Plastic Bottle Packaging Products

In daily life, plastic packaging can be seen everywhere. As the second industry behind soft packaging materials and paper, it gradually shows a strong growth trend different from glass and metal market.At present, plastic has occupied an important position in the packaging field, plastic bottles, plastic film, woven bags and other industries in the rapid development of the packaging industry. As demand for consumer retail products such as food and beverages continues to grow, plastic bottles have quickly become the preferred packaging new product, and demand for plastic bottles has rebounded.

Plastic bottle packaging industry has a very strong development trend. For plastic bottles and caps suppliers, the products produced are widely used in beverage, food, medicine and other markets, and have been well known by all. However, under the current situation of the buyer's market, the problems of overproduction and fierce competition are inevitable.

PP plastic bottles
In recent years, the development of polypropylene transparent packaging bottle has become a hot spot of plastic packaging products in China. With the successful development of nucleating agent of transparent modifier, high transparent PP can be made into hollow container by injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, co-extrusion blow molding and other methods, widely used in food, medicine and other industries.
Because PP thermal stability is much better than PET, PP plastic bottles have the most potential in the field of hot canning packaging.In addition, PP plastic bottle price is appropriate, PS, PET, PE, PVC plastic bottle competition, the market prospects are broad.

PET plastic bottles
Nowadays, the most used beverage packaging is PET plastic bottle, which is widely used for packaging carbonated drinks, drinking water, juice, ferment and tea drinks, as well as food, chemical industry and medicine packaging.
The market prospect of PET plastic bottles is very promising. In particular, PET plastic bottles adopt plasma coating technology, and their permeability is almost the same as glass.At the same time, polyester bottle can also be sterilized with high temperature, expanding its application range.

PE plastic bottles
PE plastic bottles have been widely used in the market, from milk bottles to shampoo and shower gel, and are made of PE. Compared with PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles have lower costs and are more suitable for many requirements of low packaging costs.At the same time, PE plastic bottles are not transparent, which is also important for some products, because the light will affect some products.

PS plastic bottles
Polystyrene is a colorless transparent thermoplastic, has the glass transition temperature higher than 100 ℃, thus is often used to make various need to bear the disposable plastic bottles of water temperature, welcome by the market.

PVC plastic bottles
PVC plastic bottles are soft, strong toughness and good plasticity. They can be made into transparent and various colors. Although it cannot be used for packaging food and other products, it is very popular in the field of chemical packaging.

For plastic bottles factory, the "ban on plastic packaging" has not been a big knife to the plastic bottle packaging field, but green environmental protection has become a new direction of the current plastic packaging industry.No matter what kind of plastic bottle packaging materials are used, the requirements of green packaging must be met: reduce waste pollution;Solve the environmental problem of solvent;Recycling problems and so on.In line with environmental protection requirements, pollution-free plastic bottle packaging, is bound to be more and more attention by the market.Therefore, under the guidance of sustainable development, the plastic bottle packaging industry must make more improvements and attempts in environmental protection. Under the concept of environmental protection packaging, enterprises will see more business opportunities.