The Medicinal Plastic Bottle Has Very High Technological Requirements

The seemingly inconspicuous medical plastic bottles are actually very demanding. For some specific requirements of customers, especially the requirements for plastic bottles of different filling equipment of customers, we have to consider the technical requirements for medical plastic bottles based on the above standards and requirements.

1. Appearance quality

Oral solid medicine bottles are generally white. It has a uniform color, and the surface of the bottle mouth is smooth and flat, without deformation and obvious scratches, and no sand holes, oil stains, air bubbles, etc.

The plastic liquid medicine bottles are generally brown and transparent, and other colors can also be produced according to customer requirements.

PET bottles of different volumes have corresponding standards in terms of height, wall thickness, piece weight, volume error, and center point thickness.

A good PET bottle should have uniform color and no obvious color difference. The foot wall thickness is uniform, and there are no defects such as hard neck, cracked bottle mouth, concave surface, white fog and hard lumps.

2. Identification

(1) Infrared spectrum: The infrared spectrum of the materials used in the product should be consistent with the reference spectrum.

(2) Density: The density of pharmaceutical plastic bottles: oral solid and liquid high-density polyethylene bottles should be 0.935-0.965 (g/em3); oral solid and liquid polypropylene bottles should be 0.900-0.915 (g/ em3); oral solid and liquid polyester bottles should be 0.31-1.38 (rd /em3).

3. Tightness

Vacuum to 27KPa and maintain for 2 minutes. No water or bubbling is allowed in the bottle.

4. Water vapor penetration 

5. Fall resistance 

According to the test conditions, it naturally falls to a horizontal rigid and smooth surface without breaking. This test is limited to oral plastic liquid medicine bottles. 

6. Oscillation test 

This test is limited to oral solid medicine plastic bottles, which should be qualified according to the test conditions.

7. Residue on ignition  

The test is carried out according to the test method, and the remaining residue shall not exceed 0.1% (the residue on ignition of the bottle containing sunscreen shall not exceed 3.0%).

8. Dissolution test 

The medical bottles supplier prepares the dissolution test solution according to the requirements of the standard, and the oral plastic liquid medicine bottles test the solution clarity, heavy metals, pH change, UV absorbance, easy oxides, and non-volatile substances, and the results should meet the standards requirements: Oral solid medical plastic bottles are only tested for easy oxides, heavy metals, and non-volatile substances, and the results should also meet the requirements of the standard.

9. Decolorization test 

Colored bottles should be tested in accordance with standard requirements, and the color of the soaking liquid must not be coated on the blank liquid.